Last Friday’s episode of Billyball on the Crisis the Virus the Economy and What to do now

All of us at Procida Funding hope you and your family are safe and healthy. Attached is the most recent BillyBall episode from last Friday addressing the current situation as well my August 2019 episode warning that a black swan was coming that would shake the DOW to 20,000. Also attached is a Forbes article regarding government loans and grants that may be available. If you qualify we recommend you apply as soon as possible. The government will be reviewing applications on a first come, first served basis. We are available to help and assist, feel free to contact us.

Join Billy Procida as he discusses the economy, real estate, the Coronavirus, and more.

In August 2019, on my first episode of BillyBall, I did my best to warn everyone that a “black swan” was coming that would shake the DOW to 20,000. I didn’t want to be right and didn’t think it would be a virus; I didn’t know what it would be, but I did know that when a black swan lands you don’t see it coming. Unfortunately it’s always a market overreaction and just like the crash in October 1987, it uncovers fraud in the savings and loans industry. We saw it again in 2008 with Bernie Madoff fraud. I think we are likely to see something else pop up this time around, because as sad as it is, scammers usually arise when the government starts to give out money. Even though I said last week I was going out to lunch and dinner every day to SUPPORT local small business, I’m now understanding the severity of the situation and taking this more seriously, as are we all. I still have issues of: Are we overreacting? or under reacting? If 30,000, mostly women and children, die every day from starvation and 700,000 die a year from opioids… why is this virus getting so much attention? I’ve lived thru five or six market corrections, as well as a few terrorism attacks, wars and spent grade school in the late 60’s doing bomb drills… We are all in this together. Be kind. Stay safe. Help where you can. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, STOP WATCHING THE STOCK MARKET!!! DON’T SELL. DON’T BUY. JUST CHILL. In the words of Jerry Garcia, “We will get by… we will survive.” Peace, love, health, and prosperity to all! 👍😘🙏🏻🕺❤️” -Billy Procida