Private Debt

Advisory Servcies

Procida Funding & Advisors offers a full range of real estate debt advisory services, covering all aspects of the debt investment life cycle with specialty expertise in distressed debt and bankruptcy scenarios. The Procida team provides real-world investment experience to support the private debt investment community in selecting, recapitalizing, valuing, monitoring, and restructuring investments. We serve a client base of leading players in the private debt arena, including hedge funds, private debt funds, middle-market direct lenders, and major institutional investors.
Procida provides real-world investment experience to support the Private Debt investment community. We serve a client base of leading players in the alternative investment space including:


Private Equity Funds
Hedge Funds
Business Development
Asset Managers/ Mutual Funds

Restructuring, Recovery & Bankruptcy Services

Procida Funding & Advisors guides funds and investors through all aspects of the restructuring and recovery process with a specialty in navigating through portfolio bankruptcies and foreclosures. Our professionals have deep experience, as principals and as advisors, acquiring, exiting, and restructuring fund assets across most asset types and industries. While always adjusted to our clients’ specific needs, our restructuring, recovery, bankruptcy, and other fiduciary services may include:
Strategic portfolio and asset-level reviews to identify opportunities for value enhancement, loss mitigation, and liquidity creation
Implementation of intensive asset management as well as recapitalization and repositioning strategies for assets with material upside potential
Disposition advisory services for assets deemed either unproductive or ripe for sale
Management of litigation and negotiations related to construction defects, loan defaults, partnership and investor disputes, management and operator negligence, and other contentious matters
Navigation through the bankruptcy and foreclosure process to ensure that administrative milestones are addressed in a timely manner, the value of underlying capital is preserved, and the recovery of investors’ financial interests is expedited
Clear communication and reporting related to progress towards restructuring and recovery objectives

Bankruptcy Restructuring and workout case
studies since 1980

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We serve a client base
of leading players in the
alternative investment
space, including:

Private Equity Funds
Hedge Funds
Business Development
Asset Managers/Mutual Funds

Insurance Companies
Alternative Lenders
Business Development
Companies Investors

Asset Management Services

Procida Funding & Advisors has served as fund management and fiduciaries in a variety of fund transition situations, providing substantial recoveries and transparency to investors. we work closely with general partners, fund directors, and investors to ensure appropriate and timely execution of the selected strategy for the wind down management of the fund. we align our efforts with investors’ recovery expectations and focus on minimizing operating costs, fund expenses, and streamline the operating structure.

Procida advisors provide due diligence and asset management services to developers, financial institutions, and private equity funds with a concentration on development, construction, bankruptcy, restructuring, and marketing.


Transaction Due Diligence

Procida Funding & Advisors’ multidisciplinary investigative teams gather critical intelligence for prospective investors and asset owners to ensure that investment decisions are made based on comprehensive sets of financial and business intelligence data. We assist investors to understand key deal considerations, gather relevant research and background information, and commission reports from third-party professionals as appropriate. Our comprehensive due diligence services identify key risks and opportunities associated with a prospective transaction, helping clients to mitigate investment risk, validate their investment theses, and ultimately make well-informed investment decisions.


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