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Real Estate Loans

Procida Funding provides capital for a wide range of asset classes in the eastern region of the US, with a concentration in the New York metropolitan area.

Procida Funding offers short-term financing, with terms that range up to 36 months, for both distressed and opportunistic borrowers. The benefit of our products are flexibility, speed, and decades of expertise. Procida helps borrowers “bridge the gap” to securing permanent financing and/or a variety of exit strategies.

Procida Funding offers construction financing with terms that range up to 36 months for all asset classes. Our team’s experience in the Tri-State area, knowledge of local markets, and background in construction offers hands-on lending that is unparalleled in the industry.

Procida Funding offers mezzanine financing as either a subordinated debt or preferred equity with flexible loan terms. The financing is coupled with the contribution of our advisory services that support the business plan and strategy of the borrower. Our team offers a service above and beyond simply financing your project.

Procida Funding is a debt buyer that will purchase delinquent, distressed, or bankrupt real estate assets or loans at an appropriately priced discount.

Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) financing is available for borrowers in distressed financial positions and in bankruptcy. Procida Funding has a history of reorganization of DIPs borrowers and companies with distressed real estate in bankruptcy.

Procida Funding offers financing for partnership buyouts and advisory services to resolve partnership disputes. Our advisory and financing team will actively work with a client to address disputes deriving from property maintenance, defaults, asset disposition, strategic planning, and restructuring. The Procida team specializes in maximizing a property’s value for each individual client.

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