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What are the qualities of a good leader? In ordinary, pre-COVID-19 times, the answer would be easy. A sense of responsibility. The willingness to put the needs of the company, employees and customers front and center. Compassion. Smarts.

In the midst of a pandemic these qualities are just as important but it quickly becomes clear that other traits are perhaps even more important. The ability to lead when visibility into the future is cloudy and uncertain. Soothing and instilling confidence in those around you when you are feeling as frightened as everyone else. Grace under pressure

William Procida founded Procida Funding & Advisors 25 year ago, in 1995. As president and CEO of the firm, he has become well-known for his industry expertise. Since the company’s inception, Procida’s core beliefs have remained the same: work as one cohesive team, teach by example, and help others first and the money will follow. Holding a true passion for the business, Procida is involved with every aspect of the company, while maintaining a healthy balance of freedom for employees.

Lenders may be excused from feeling particularly stressed right now. In typical times they have often had to make difficult decisions but now they must also factor in an uncertain economy that is being driven by the virus. The men and women on the following pages—our choices for this year’s lender influencers—were selected based on the criteria we always use for influencers: their proficiency in assessing and underwriting CRE deals. We don’t look at numbers or rankings, but instead look for financial savvy and industry knowledge. If anyone can steer a deal through right now, it will be this group.
WILLIAM “BILLY” PROCIDA While much has changed in the commercial real estate industry since William “Billy” Procida started his career over forty years ago, his philosophy to focus on local deals that are a force for positive change in communities remains the same. Procida has completed billions of dollars of projects, and as a result his impact has gained him notoriety as a lender throughout the eastern region of the US, particularly within the New York metropolitan area and Philadelphia.