Another Improved Asset, Another Successful Borrower!


Another Improved Asset, Another Successful Borrower!

Camden’s Historic RCA Victor World Headquarters Camden, NJ Acquisition & Construction Loan
“Over the last several years, I have performed work on several extraordinary historic projects funded by the Procida Team in the Philadelphia region. Led by the hyperkinetic Billy Procida, the team repeatedly admonished us to alert them to unfolding development opportunities. Procida is an aggressive and creative lender that sees opportunity where others see only unmitigated risk. Accordingly, when I came across the historic Victor Records Building in downtown Camden NJ last year, I immediately reached out to the Procida team. Their swift reaction and activist participation in the project was critical to success and I was able to make significant improvements and resell the building within 9 months. This was an unconventional project in a challenging zone that also contained seeds of opportunity. The Procida team truly enabled success. They are certainly not passive players in a project but their activist stance served to push me to be the best that I could be. I tender them my sincere thanks”

Fred Hagen CEO & President Hagen Construction
Congratulations to Fred Hagen and Hagen Construction on your success!




MARCH 31, 2018


JANUARY 12, 2019