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Valuations in Today’s Real Estate Market Webinar

Valuations in Today’s Real Estate Market

In this webinar, REFI US will speak with Billy Procida, CEO of Procida Funding & Advisors. Billy will discuss how valuations are impacted by the current coronavirus pandemic, sharing insights on the following –

  • Valuations: how do you determine values when there are no trades?
  • Liquidations: What would the discount be right now if an owner had to sell?
  • REITs: Can we look to REITs to get insight on valuations?
  • Investors: How can fund managers speak to institutions and private investors about what’s going on?

William “Billy” Procida, founder of Procida Funding and Advisors, has financed, fixed and built over 3 billion dollars of buildings and companies. Procida manages the 100 Mile Fund which provides financing for commercial real estate projects and small to mid size businesses and specializes in providing management and capital for both distressed and value added situations. This year, Procida is celebrating 40 years in the business and 25 years since the company’s inception.