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Top Ten Reasons To Invest In Procida Funding LLC’s 100 Mile Fund: A Real Estate Investment Trust

1) Unique Deal Flow
Thirty-nine years of contacts bring us deals most competitors never see. We keep close relationships with our clients many of whom are past customers, dating as far back as the 80’s.

2) We are invested in the fund right next to you
Management has over $5,500,000 invested in the fund.

3) We stay local!
We are as local as local gets. Located 5 minutes away from the George Washington Bridge, we only invest in places we can drive to in two hours or less. That means you can go see our investments as well, all within 100 miles of NYC.

4) Transparency
We pride ourselves on complete transparency, even letting investors into our weekly portfolio review meetings. We report on our earnings and portfolio quarterly and our annual Financial report is audited by Smolin, Lupin & Co., one of the area’s top accounting firms. To top that, we also show our investors the Fund Manager’s financials… the only fund manager we know who does this.

5) One fund
Unlike a lot of our competitors, we only operate one fund, so the best deals don’t get “cherry picked.” Any deal that fits the 100 Mile Fund’s profile, goes in the 100 Mile Fund portfolio and it is the only investment vehicle our founder invests in.

6) We have the best third-party professionals
Our law firms, appraisers, construction, insurance and specialty consultants are among the best in the business who we have vetted for over twenty five years, many of whom are investors.

7) Our people
We have been in this business for twenty five years, funded over
$3 Billion, have had many successful projects, and have won numerous distinguished awards. Our team is tight… three old school, seasoned veterans combined with a team of young Mavericks, many of whom interned with us in college and whose families are investors.

8) We always try to do good
We fix neighborhoods, create jobs, save and grow companies, love small businesses, and aim to make the companies and places we invest in better.

9) Our returns
Our net annual dividend has averaged 12.9% since 2012, with a high of 15% and a low of 8.9%.

10) We are now a REIT
In 2019, we transitioned the 100 Mile Fund to a REIT in order to take advantage of the new tax laws, substantially lowering the taxes paid by the investor!
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