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New Jersey Real Estate Investors Group Webinar

New Jersey Real Estate Investors Group: Wholesaler & Rehabber Meetup

During these uncertain times, we look for some guidance from our industry leaders in the real estate and investing field. We are honored that our long time friend Billy Procida has once again accepted our invitation to speak at our April Virtual Zoom Meeting to share his views and offer come comforting advice. Billy is an in demand speaker due to his insight and advice from his 38 years of investing in both a good and bad economy. Like Glen, Billy “tells it like it is” with no fluff. Just pure straight forward content. We are honored to have Billy again as our guest for the evening.
This is a must see event for all investors.

Our Beginners, Intermediate, and Experienced Investors are all invited to Participate in our Discussions giving their personal experiences as well as their questions, suggestions and advice.