Being involved in a transaction can provide additional workload and stress beyond normal business operating activities. Procida’s experienced expert team can provide Transaction Advisory assistance to buyers, sellers, corporate clients and private equity. Our senior team is hands-on and has extensive due diligence experience, with years of combined experience on hundreds of transactions.

Our unbiased position and experience serving a variety of private equity and strategic clients allow us to provide advisory services to our clients to ensure maximum value is obtained from potential transactions. similarily, our extensive experience in due diligence and investor considerations allow for leveraging strategic solutions and financial considerations to deliver solutions for our clients’ complex business problems.


Procida’s experienced expert team can provide Transaction Advisory assistance to buyers, sellers, corporate clients and private equity.

Buy-Side Financial Due Diligence (Quality of Earnings): Our services can be tailored to meet the needs of our client’s specific transaction and do not follow the boilerplate approach utilized by many accounting firms. Our primary goal is to understand the target company’s operations and business, evaluate historical and projected financial performance and underlying sensitives and risks, and assist with maximizing value from the transaction.

Sell-Side Financial Due Diligence: We support clients in helping them manage the sales process, identify items in advance that buyers will uncover, reduce transaction timeline, and increase the probability of a successful sale.

Merger Integration: We provide collaborative structure and support to manage and oversee the integration process, with a focus on the entire integration or specific functional areas. Our approach is centered on client collaboration with the acquirer and target, rigorous analysis, detailed operating plans, well-founded timetables, and results that are achievable and actionable to drive the desired outcomes.

Post-Acquisition Dispute Advisory: We offer innovative solutions to assist with resolving disputes from the point of view of the buyer or the seller. Our extensive experience in the market allows us to assist either the buyer or seller developing their position in a dispute, which could involve working capital or other items impacting the transaction value.

Synergy Analysis: Our experienced team members utilize proven methodologies and processes to identify key areas for performance improvement to eliminate or streamline redundant processes to dive headcount or other savings. Depending on the transaction, we can also assist with identifying revenue synergies and ensure that synergies achieved are clearly communicated to key stakeholders.

Business Plan Assistance: Our approach is based on the specific needs and objectives of the company and the key investors involved. Our professionals can help to develop, review, or analyze business operation plans. service or product-line data, strategy, and implementation. We can also assist with cost and revenue projections, prospective financial statements, and capital structures, including introductions to potential investors or funding sources.